Edward Meijers (Founder, CEO of Qommodity and CEO of Tandem Liber Holdings Ltd.) is experienced in doing business in Africa. He is familiar with the social, ecological and political challenges that African countries like Sierra Leone are facing - on November 28, the visionary will come personally to the Vienna Stock Exchange to present the QAAA Token. The title of his lecture: „The Creation of a new Asset Class". Accompanying him will be Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen and Asset Manager Mike Bürgler who are speaking on the topic of "Bridging the financial and crypto world" and Alfred Latschenberger presents: "The opportunity of the new asset class - tokens and/ or financial instrument”.

Qommodity is a brand of Tandem Liber Holdings Ltd., a company focused on the exploration, prospecting and mining of natural resources which has been active in Sierra Leone since 2008. As of right now it holds the rights to four exploration licenses and one mining license covering an area of over 350km².

The crux of colonialism can be illustrated perfectly using Sierra Leone as a case study. Sierra Leone, that means the mountain of lions. But the lions in Sierra Leone have long since disappeared. Hunting, poachers, changing climatic conditions, human expansion and restricted habitat have taken their toll on the West African lion population. Today, there are about 400 individuals left in the world. Human actions in the past have rarely been sustainable, and current and future generations are footing the bill. Gradually, however, a change in thinking is taking place, away from exploitation and toward sustainability. Qommodity provides a building block for this change in the global mindset.     

The Qommodity QAAA Token is the latest project of Tandem Liber Holdings Ltd. The special feature of the QAAA Token is that it is linked to resources that are situated locally in Sierra Leone. The revolutionary aspect of the QAAA Token lies in the fact that its value is not derived from the exploitation and profiting off of these resources, but by the mere fact of the resources’ existence. The possibility for exploitation alone is what justifies an investor’s trust in the product – this way, value is being generated without impacting the environment negatively by exploitation of natural resources.

The blockchain-based QAAA Token’s stated mission is nothing short of revolutionizing the possibilities of consequences of financial investment and thus leading to the largest transition of wealth in the history of mankind. This is to be achieved by rejecting traditional methods and making sure more than just the “happy few” may benefit. In their approach, they aim to combine the traditional industries of finance, exploration & mining with new technologies and, most importantly, innovative thoughts.

Rather than, as has been common in previous centuries, act as colonizers and ruthlessly exploit local populations and resources, residents stand to finally benefit from their home countries’ natural resources with Qommodity. Qommodity aims not only to preserve the state of the environment and the people’s standards of living but also improve upon them.

Sierra Leone is a west African country that comprises an area of over 70.000km² which makes it slightly smaller but comparable in size to Austria. Sierra Leone is however abundantly richer in natural resources than is the case for Austria or other European countries – it counts itself fortunate to harbor significant amounts of minerals such as bauxite, lignite, chrome, diamonds, iron ore, graphite, platinum, gold and other natural resources. In 2021, however, Sierra Leone had a GDP of only $4.1 billion, or $509 per capita, ranking it 158th in the world. Given the abundance of resources, therein lies enormous potential and the key to improving the standard of living of the local population. So long as the raw materials could not only be tapped, but also harnessed in a way that would benefit Sierra Leone’s population. The new, revolutionary approach of Qommodity should help make a contribution towards realizing this goal. Conceptually, the idea can be compared to the "Rainforest of the Austrians", an initiative that buys up rainforest in order not to cut it down - which equates to an immense ecological added value. Qommodity aims to do something similiar with the resources located in the area in which Tandem Liber Holdings Ltd. operates.


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