Silver is one of the most versatile metals. Because of the rarity, beauty and effectiveness of this biocide, silver has been used to make jewelry, silverware and imprints. It has also become an indispensable industrial metal, because it is the best natural conductor of electricity and heat as well as the best natural reflector of light. Silver is a key component of electronic communication devices, solar photovoltaic cells, clean water filtration systems, and many other industrial applications. Bradford Cooke founded Endeavour Silver Corp. in 2003. Bradford is a professional geologist and entrepreneur with 43 years of experience in the mining industry, specializing in the formation, management and financing of mining companies as well as the development and mining of mineral deposits. Under his leadership, Endeavour Silver Corp. became one of the leading silver producers. For fiscal year 2018, the company generated a total revenue of $ 150.5 million ($ 150.5 million in 2017). During that year, the Company sold 5,461,197 ounces of silver and 51,318 ounces of gold at realized prices of $ 15.65 (silver) and $ 1,267 (gold) per ounce (31.1 grams). "Looking to the future, we are committed to staying at the forefront of sustainable mining practices, occupational safety and environmental protection," says Bradford Cooke who will be available for a workshop at 2pm. More about this at the 56th Roadshow on April 2nd, 2019.

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